FRESCO/Ricardo Daniel Gomes

Ricardo Daniel Gomes aka 'FRESCO', nickname Sonny.
Born 1979, Sonny was raised in the northern interior 'Caribou' area of British Columbia. Sonny has been artistic from the age of 4, but in the summer of 1993, Sonny at 14 years of age, discovered and new medium, 'Aerosol Paint'. Over the course of the next 10 years, aerosol paint became an extension of his hands. Developing an advanced ability to create his visions abroad. Sonny once again in 2008 discovered another medium to create with. Wood being his new choice of medium, Sonny has now created many 3D installations from fallen reclaimed wood from the forest, and has had the great opportunity to exhibit and showcase at many outdoor music festivals. Sonny has also been able to travel to places like Australia, Central America, and Europe doing what he loves most. Sonny aka FRESCO has most definitely an original style, vision, and eye for creativity.