PHRESHA (liana mindru)

Phresha was born with a crayon in her hand. This mischievous child of bright colours that grew up in Toronto, currently resides on the Canadian Wet Coast, in beautiful Vancouver BC. Her artwork can be described as vibrant and playful organic flows with seductive female forms and whimsical undertones. Sultry, mysterious vixens are often found frolicking with feral kittens and other wild creatures. Currently Phresha has expanded to featuring her art on leggings, shirts, hats and other wearable mediums. Phresha has also started a jewelry line called On the Prowl Designs that features hand-crafted creations from upcycled materials and custom wood lasercut designs. You can find more of Phresha's work and adventures at

“As a visual artist, I am fascinated by the female form, as the embodiment of Mother Nature and her many manifestations. She is the divine goddess, an ethereal warrior, the seductress and the mistress among her many incarnations. A creature of mysterious beauty and allure, she frolicks with whimsical creatures in the planes of my imagination. “ // // @phresha //

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