Nora Katherine Clarke

Life in Colour

I grew up in a household with an artistic father who had an art room and a photography dark room in our basement, and a mathematician mother who was genuinely happy solving complicated calculus problems. Thankfully, I adopted my dad's skills (I would barely pass a grade 5 math test today... haha) and have always loved expressing myself through all kinds of creative mediums, including drawing, painting, photography, writing, and film. I have been living in Whistler for ten years, and during that time I have completed a Bacherlor's of Arts degree in Psychology, as well as a Master's of Science degree in Child Psychology and Development. I support my art, sports, traveling, and passions by earning a living within the community as a bartender and child development worker.

I love painting on canvas, but I also really love painting on other mediums ... I get super excited about turning anything I can find in to a canvas! Recently, I have been collecting a number of animal skulls from around BC to draw and paint on. By letting anything and everything around me become a potential canvas, I opened the door to my creativity wide open, and have discovered a deeper passion for making art. I hope to expand my artistic abilities and skills in the form of creating original pieces for people to enjoy in their homes, as well as commissions and collaboration projects.

We were not made to stand still or to see the world through just one looking glass, and I have chosen to express myself in this life by being a student, a writer, and an artist, and have explored my world through surfing, snowboarding, running, hiking, and finding adventures while traveling all over this spinning rock. I feel that there is room for creativity and art in every single aspect of our lives, sometimes we just need to look under a few rocks in order to find a way to express our life and thoughts in colour.