Natalie Livermore

I am a BC Coast girl who now lives at the foot of Mt Currie in Pemberton BC, the absolutely heartbreakingly beautiful landscape that I open my eyes to every day. I came back to painting late in the game after a year of tremendous personal loss in 2016. January 2017 I decided I needed something to help me put the pieces back together and in the words of Carrie Fisher "take my broken heart and turn it into art". I derive my inspiration from the textures of the Coast, the secret places from my youth that are etched in my memory, the colours of the mountains, trees, fields, flowers and skies that my heart aches to wake up to. Whenever I tell people I'm from Squamish/ Britannia Beach and I live in Pemberton their first reactions are "wow you sure made it far from home" but what they don't see is I never needed to search very hard to find out who I was or go very far to find out where my soul belonged, it's always been in this corridor and it always will be for me and my family.