Mia Dungeon

Life, death and the underpinnings of mortality are curiously explored in Mia Dungeon’s work. Mia creates dark yet whimsical paintings as well as 3D shrine-like “skullptures” to honour the lives of those we have loved and lost. The animal skulls and bones that she features in her “skullptures” are ethically sourced from the woods throughout BC and from small-scale, sustainable farms where they were free to run wild. Mia honours and celebrates the lives of these incredible animals with the utmost respect and each skull has been inspected and permitted for legal possession. She utilizes recycled, discarded materials and skulls left behind by animals that have passed on. She breathes new life into these abandoned entities by adorning them with found treasures and vintage jewelry. Her 2D work and 3D work both explore the cycle of life and death, with a focus on hoping to capture a glimpse behind the elegant and raw veil of human existence.