Laura Scarr

Laura Scarr is a contemporary landscape painter. In 2008, she recieved a Fine Arts Degree from the University of Guelph and has participated in several group and solo exhibitions. After graduating, Laura moved to Whistler, and has been finding inspiration in the mountains ever since. Laura is fascinated with the moments in photographs that have failed to capture reality. Specifically, where the excess of light distorts the colors and forms within the image to the point where reality is suggested but unclear. In these moments beautiful colors blur and distort to create a veil over reality. Using the language of these distortions in her paintings allows her to create landscapes which, although visible, maintain their own mysteries. Within a modern culture where we are constantly bombarded with information, Laura's sense of true beauty lies in the quiet moments that allow us to contemplate and embrace the unknown. The wild landscapes of British Colu mbia have provided her work with a starting point which Laura uses to morph into abstract explorations of light and color. Whether it is a sunrise bursting through snowy trees or light cascading through a forest canopy, the light that bursts through the landscapes of British Columbia is the main source of inspiration for Laura's work.