Kathleen Tennock

For this show I wanted to explore what it really means to be “Living the Dream” in my home town Whistler….. and it is not always pretty.

It is my hope that everyone would pause just long enough to self-identify with at least one of the characters on the wall and for those who are a bit more observant, there is the treat of finding one all geared up to be “Living the Whistler dream!”

I was born in South Africa where I studied Fine Art at the Johannesburg Art Foundation and even though I no longer live in Africa my work is still often inspired by the simplicity of primitive works of art. Typically my work is of a much more serious nature. Exploring surface and texture in clay to simulate the textures and patterns you would find amongst the rocks in riverbeds. I achieve this by firing my work in smoke without using any glaze, leaving the clay to its natural tactile state. This primitive firing method of Naked Raku offers spontaneous surface decoration and is particularly suited to the task of learning how to let go.