Jorge Alvarez

Photographer with really short legs - Professional Misfit - known as the Anti Christ and Anti Santa - long time skier/snowboarder/windsurfer/mt.biker and mediocre at all those disciplines - really bad guitar player, horrible singer and really shitty at drawing.

Photography is my passion. I have been taking photos since I was ten years old, my first camera was a plastic "Diana" that took C120 film. I love playing + living in the mountains and the ocean.

I was born near Santiago-Chile in December 1961, I grew up in Madrid & Barcelona-Spain. I spent my late teens in The West Kootenays - (near Rossland), BC where I learned to ski (on Kazama skis with Spademan bindings ha ha) at Red Mountain in 1980 and worked as a photographer for a local newspaper. In the early 80s i moved to Vancouver and worked as a freelance photodude for among others the Georgia Straight and attended Langara college where I dropped out of all my classes. I moved to Whistler in November 1984. I do not remember much after I moved to Whistler ;)
However I do remember some blurry details:
I was one of the very first people to learn to snowboard (with a Kemper Rampage) in 1987 on Blackcomb, Whistler did not allow snowboarding on its slopes.
I worked as a GM at Citta (now The Beacon) in '87, I worked as a snowboard instructor for WB part time from '99 to '01, In '97 I helped design, build and inaugurated Maxx Fish (the name was my idea ha ha) where I was GM for 5 years. I was fired from The Wild Flower Restaurant at the Fairmont Hotel for bad behavior and insubordination sometime in the 90s. I have partied and drunk at all venues in Whistler including the cop station.
I had a wicked little t shirt shop in the village called Santini between Maxx Fish and Ingrid's where I sold retail the first snowboard in Whistler. In 1986 I founded the infamous Toad Hall Studios, an Art Studio and print shop where I still work today. I cant be fired because I am the boss.

I don't like chicken, turkey, dill and Brussels sprouts, or sweet potatoes, I am the world's pickiest eater. Ironically for someone from Chile/Spain I don't like wine. I do love Stella, Urquell and Heineken beer and I wont touch craft beer. I don't like posers, religion, homework, Harper or Donald Trump.