Jessa Gilbert

I treat my artwork as an extension of my experience exploring, adventuring, and engaging with new terrain. Split-boarding, mountain biking, and backpacking have served as methods of traveling within wilderness where I am able to achieve full connection with the activity and place. Through merging the art practice with exploration I have gained an appreciation for what it means to be connected to and reliant upon the curves of the terrain.

Being mobile and transportable is a large part of the art process, as I bring my studio with me along these adventures so that I can create artwork within the setting of that experience. These artworks, mapped and drawn with a single line, are about simplifying as much as they are about exploring the range of possibilities. They simplify the initial mark making down to a single line, down to one continuous thought and gesture, to capture the investigation of the landscape - the hunt for the ridge-line, acknowledging the tree line, finding where the clouds connect with the horizon line, and the subtleties of how it feels to be right there in that moment.

The artworks are about compassion and the human experience, and they are about struggle as much as they are about celebrating activity and these moments within the wild. These pieces explore the beauty and the mystery of wilderness and activity through the use of color, shape, and line by being expressive and dramatic, bold and bright, because that is what life is. It is all of those heightened elements combined.


I grew up in New York State wandering in the woods and competing in freestyle snowboarding. I relocated to BC in 2013 and have since retired to the backcountry where I’ve been able to merge my art practice with the endless quest for pillows, powder, and new ridge-lines. I am currently based in Squamish when I’m not on the road, and am always chasing the next adventure, gesture, and late night laughter.
Let’s collaborate and celebrate!