Helen Judge

Helen Judge, known as Melon, is originally from England. She got a degree in Animation before deciding that wasn't for her and went to Austria to do a season as a ski instructor. Then she spent some time in San Francisco returning to school to study Illustration at AAU. Helen then spent a year working as a free lance illustrator and became a member of SF City Art Gallery, before coming to Whistler, which is her home for the nest two years.

Here is a collection of Ghost Girls, all originals, drawn in graphite and mechanical pencil. The series is a collection of lost ghost girls that are wondering souls, which is why they don't feature any eyes. Including in this collection is a piece which features a half rabbit and half human character, which evokes the same emotions as part of the ghost girls. They are all inspired by Alice in wonderland as well as Helens own creations, and fashion oriented. They have a cute yet dark sense to them, they are mysterious and all drawn with heart and soul. Each piece has some extra meaning to it, please feel free to ask about a specific piece to learn more, Or if you would like to learn more about what motivated Helen to create this detailed pencil collection you can also check out www.melonfudge.com and read Her story, and learn more about her background from which this collection is inspired!

Thank you for checking out the art of Helen Judge. Hope you enjoyed these intricate delicate pieces.
Please follow her on instagram @melonfudgeillustration.
For more info or to request a custom piece please email hjartwork@gmail.com