Derek Dix

To me, the most crucial elements in creating work are the ability to communicate innovative concepts, a succinct visual narrative, and a meticulous attention to detail. My images focus on what I'm most passionate about, the outdoors. This has my body of work ranging from action sports, to landscapes and portraiture. I aim to shoot each image detailing the subject, the journey and the environment's narrative. My images serve to communicate the story behind the adventure. They provide a glimpse into the landscape that I find myself immersed within while out in remote locations. On their own, they aid in delivering a narrative of the area and the feeling it evokes.

The work from Animalia Canadiana was conceived as an acknowledgement to mans conquest of nature and the outdoors. We have come to a point, where it is possible to imitate nature to the extent of duplication.

Each landscape is fictional and pieced together as a digital collage using between 8 to 30 photographs, which I have previously taken.

Elements within the landscape are annotated to acknowledge the understanding of the landscape.