Dave Petko

Dave Petko has spent the past 26 years in Whistler creating and exhibiting art.

He has curating art exhibits in the Sea to Sky corridor with Blind Mute Productions, a production company he co-founded because of a need for exhibition space outside of the commercial galleries of Whistler. Blind Mute Productions showcased established and up and coming artists such as Chili Thom, Claudia Hek, Mia Dungeon, Vanessa Stark, Phresha, Taka Sudo, Nicole Steen, Goldfinger, Stu Mackay-Smith, Pili, The Incredible Amoeba, Soak, just to name a few.

In 1999, Black Ohm Tattoos original owner Sonja Prevost asked Dave to be her apprentice where he worked along side Robin Dutcher and her apprentice Justin Ormiston. Dave now owns and is still tattooing at Black Ohm Tattoos, creating strictly custom tattoos for clients both local and from afar.

Dave has been involved with Bass Coast Festival for 9 years; has designed and built numerous art installations and was the art director for the main stage the last three years.

Recently he is part of the environment design team and art director at The Guild Arts collective, working on large scale art installations at Tortuga Music Festival in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and the Pemberton Music Festival.

When Dave is not creating art he likes mountain biking, wandering in the forest with his dog Vincent Van Price, picking mushrooms, listening to music.


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