Chili Thom: Legend (1976-2016)

When Chili Thom passed over to the other side Nov. 30 2016, all our lives got a bit less vibrant and a lot less colourful. His creative spirit and enthusiasm for life inspired us to get outside, to make things happen, and to enjoy each moment spent with friends, especially out amid the power and beauty of the forests, coastlines and mountains that he loved. Just 40 years old when he died, Chili was a husband, father, artist, adventurer, filmmaker, DJ, wilderness guide, TV personality, activist and a high-kicking, ass-shaking friend to almost everyone he ever met.

He was also the master of colour, Whistler's favourite artist, a State of the Art mainstay since day one, and on a least a couple occasions, a male stripper named White Lightning. 

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