Benji Lowclass

Originally from Oshawa Ontario. Benji Lowclass / Lowclass Art now resides in the misty mountains of Revelstoke BC where he works as a screen printer / production manager / graphic designer / illustrator with a small local print shop while balancing freelance projects.

Sharpies, India Ink, Pencil Crayons, Markers, Spray Paint, Adobe Illustrator + Photoshop.

Jim Philips, Mike Giant, 123 Klan, MC Escher, Mark Kowalchuk, raw, old school, hand drawn, punk, hippy, snow, skate, prison tattoo, outlaw, biker, outdoorsy, Canadian, hillbilly, bush art.

The word LOWCLASS simply represents the "under-dog". most of the world's population is in the lower class yet we all drool over the thought of being high class. We should embrace what we have.

Clients: Trapper Snowboards, Society Snow & Skate, Somewon Collective, Ekumenik, The Hemp Trading Co., Tantrum Ride Co., Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Wasted Youth, SnoDay Skis, Select Agents, Valley Retreat, Revelstoke Mountaineer, Dose Coffee and more