Baz one

Having the opportunity to live and work in Canada, has opened a lot of new doors for
Baz as a young artist. Living in whistler has helped him grow and explore new mediums and
techniques, owing a lot to the Whistler arts council and
the community in general. His work consists of an
array of mixed media, such as spray paint ,acrylics and more recently. digital art. most of which he has thought himself through trail and error. His work features all sorts of fun obscure subject matter with the use of bright
complimentary colours with bold outlines. Baz also loves dabbling in many variations of commercial work too,
which keeps him on his toes. Drawing most of his inspiration from graphic design, pop art and
urban art, and of course Whistler itself. Living in the pacific north west has given Baz the opportunity to showcase his work in many group exhibitions, including a solo show. He has also worked with Universal music, Adidas and Anthill films just to name a few. you can also check out his work around the whistler village itself.

stay tuned for more work to come!