Angela Cooney

Angela Cooney is a maven of seam, stitch and style who specializes in re-purposing clothing and fabrics into stunning wearable art. Formerly trained in Fashion Techniques and Design at George Brown College in Toronto, Angela bases her work on vintage clothes possessing a unique look and history she can re-tell with a different spin. Also amongst her creations are one of a kind pieces made with new materials that maintain the same avant-garde style. Her current exhibition, showcased this year at State of the Art, uses sci-fi as guide for making outfits that push the boundaries of practicality and function into a realm of art and fantasy. By using distinctive textiles and other unconventional materials she is hoping to challenge peoples notions on the limitations of clothing.

Drawing her inspiration from the textures of nature in her mountains-and-forest home of Squamish BC, Angela also cites David Bowie and Japanese street fashion as influences to her craft. “I enjoy giving new life to dead threads,” she says. “I call it Zombie Love.”

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